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Muwookie arose from the Rave scene back in 1993 and has been following jungle/drum n bass since then. Apart from a slight divergence into UK garage, Jungle/drum n bass has been his first love.

From a poor background and through the struggle of homelessness, Muwookie learnt a whole new career to raise the funds to purchase the equipment to make music. Then the world changed and suddenly it became cheaper to make music with the advancements of VST and digital technology. In 2007 Muwooke decided to take music seriously. With the advancements of the internet and social networking he was finally able to get his songs to the wider listening public.

Muwookies first track on radio was called ‘The Word’ and was played in 2008 by Ras Kwame of BBC1Xtra . In 2010 muwookie has had a number of tracks like Memories, Got 2 Have, Breathe and Love you played by top BBC Radio 1xtra DJ’s Bailey, Crissy Cris & Mista Jam. Watch out for this one, his soulful vibes are going to tap into your soul.

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| April 4, 2014